What They Say About Us


“Just leaving a message here to thank Phillip, Without your expertise, experience and most of all patience, I wouldn’t have been able to pass the test and convert my Malaysian license over in just under ten sessions. Thank you so much for all your help and even going overtime to make sure I leave the lesson with utmost confidence.

“I got my full license from Ryde RTA on my very first attempt and I can’t thank Roy enough for helping me achieve this. Roy is very knowledgeable and guided me on not only every aspect of the driving test but also on safe driving skills. He was very flexible with the class timings which made it very convenient.
I will strongly recommend Roy’s lessons to my friends 🙂
Thanks again,


“Roy is an excellent instructor. His lessons are well planned, feature plenty of distinctive explanations and reminders. The classes are great fun, but you will not get away even with little mistakes, as Roy provides immediate, patient and constructive feedback in a very professional manner. I would not hesitate to recommend the lessons with Roy to all driving learners including my younger brother.”
Best wishes,

“Roy is a great driving instructor who is dedicated to helping his students gain the confidence to not only pass their driving test but to also drive safely and smartly. He is very patient and made me feel very comfortable during my driving lessons so I had no hesitations when I needed questions answered or doubts cleared. He definitely put me at ease when driving, particularly because I was initially a nervous driver and this was of great help!”
Thanks again Roy,



“Being an experienced driver from overseas is not always an advantage, some habits come along and in my case it doesn’t contribute to my driving test success in the past.
Roy knew how to customise my driving lesson to ensure it is time and cost efficient. We talked about my condition, level of understanding and skill prior to the lessons. The test felt exactly like the lessons I took. I passed scoring 108. Many thanks ! I have recommended Roy to many of my friends.”
Claudia Susanto.

“I can undoubtedly credit my driving success to Roy’s engaging and practical driving lessons. To say he is the reason why I am a good driver today is an understatement; he fostered in me an understanding and appreciation of Sydney roads and how to drive safely and well on them. His calming personality and constructive feedback meant I learnt many new ways in which to develop my driving skills and respond to unfamiliar situations with growing ease. I am positive that the good habits Roy has inspired in me will continue on as I take the next step as a P-plate driver with new situations to navigate. I would highly recommend Roy to any driver looking to enhance their knowledge or build their driving ability, regardless of stage or experience!

Also, you will probably be hearing back from us soon when my brother starts driving.”




“Roy is calm, knowledgeable, experienced and professional when it comes to preparing individuals for their Provisional 1 test. Roy helped a lot in boosting my confidence to overcome my weaknesses in driving (eg: Parking) and showed initiative & dedication towards my success. I found Roy’s approach to be very effective and spot on for me, proven by getting my Provisional 1 license in the first attempt.
I personally do and still will recommend Roy to any of my Friends & Family who seek to gain quality driving skills and attain their license safely yet effectively.”

“I would like to thank Roy for being not only a professional driving instructor throughout his lessons with me but also a great mentor. He was patient, supportive and ensured that I developed the knowledge to not only pass my driving test on my first try but more importantly to be a safe driver. Roy can always be reliable for his timeliness and commitment. I would definitely recommend him to any learner driver!”



“There are lot many driving instructors available these days but I feel teaching is an art and Roy is a perfect teacher who guides with patience and work hard on one’s weakness. His cool nature makes learning fun filled with confidence and for that reason I strongly recommend Roy for any new drivers seeking licence or overseas drivers looking for full licence“

“I want to thank Roy for being an excellent instructor, he was professional and extremely careful and patient, but also very observative towards all my mistakes, which was very constructive and helpful. Before starting taking lessons with Roy I had no experience of driving, I passed my driving test on the first go. I think this speaks for itself what an excellent job Roy did as an instructor. I strongly recommend Roy to anyone who wants to learn driving or practice the driving skill to gain more confidence and experience“



“My lessons with Roy was a simple delightful and enriching. He was a super mentor and great instructor. I will surely recommend people to as for Roy as their instructor. He is one of the best mentors I have dealt with and will recommend him highly to all. “

“Roy has been very professional and patient as a driving instructor. After my unpleasant experience with another instructor from a different driving school, I was quite not sure if I could ever be a good driver, and pass my driving test. Fortunately for me, I met Roy. He is always on-time during lessons, and he tries his best to accommodate my schedule. He is not only concerned on me passing the test but also in making sure that I be a safe driver on my own. He was there when I passed my driving test, and I owe much to his patience and constant reminder of “what to do” and “what not to do”. Again, thank you Roy!“



“I took driving lesson from Paul of AutoGear Driving School.Within a week I had my driving test and I had never driven a car in New South Wales (I held an overseas licence) Paul explained everything wonderfully and precisely to the point. His tips and advices really helped immensely. And he was really patient and professional at all times.If your look for value For money, then I definitely recommend you to go with Paul from AutoGear Driving School. He put every efforts to prepare you for a safe driving. I passed the test in the First go with a high score of 104
Prathmesh Sharma

“I’d like to thank Roy for helping me pass my driving test. He goes the extra mile and really cares for his students. He instilled a sense of confidence in me which i believe was essential for passing the test“



“Thanks Roy for his patience while he was teaching, I couldn’t get my P1 license with full marks (100%) in Silverwater without him. As an instructor, he put the quality of lesson first and always did his best to assist me to thrive in driving. I would recommend him to any learner driver, not just for the lessons, but also for the advanced driving experience he passed onto to me.

“I wanted to say that Roy was amazing through my driving lessons, where we worked on my skills around the Chatswood area, having 4 hours driving with Roy and the confidence he had given me on the feedback, I decided to go for my Ps. Unfortunate Chatswood was not available so I decided to go to Silverwater (with no Experience in the area) Roy and myself had a 1.5 hour lesson just before the test.
I passed with flying colours and I would not have been able to have the confidence that I had without Roy being my Learner Driver.
I would recommend Roy to anyone that wants to learn to drive and need someone who will help you all the way.“



“I took driving lesson from Paul of AutoGear Driving School , I had been driving on my International DL until I got my PR recently.He clearly understood my capabilities and articulated all the key points that will be noticed during the day of the test. He was very professional, patient and explained everything in the agreed time frame.If you look for value for money, then I definitely recommend to  go with AutoGear Driving School. Paul at Autogear Driving School offered every effort to prepare me for safe driving and pass my test at first go .

Thank you Paul !!!!
Kushal Pandurangi