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Sydney, New South Wales

We are a car driving school operating in Sydney, New South Wales, serving most of the Northern Suburbs and North Shore.

Our main aim is to train drivers to become safe and confident motorists by providing structured driving lessons from experienced driving instructors. These well-planned lessons lead to most of our learner drivers attaining their licence on their first attempt.

We understand individuals needs when it comes to obtaining a driver’s license and have accordingly designed our driver training approach to cater for drivers of all ages.

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    Our passion is to train you to become a safe and responsible driver. Our unique training will help you to embrace and understand the value of safe driving.

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    Pickup and drop-off at your convenience, this could be school, university or work place

    Reasonable Rates and Discounts on Packages

    Our prices are competitively low – why over charge for something we believe everyone should learn? As such, we offer generous discounts for packages and want all our students to have the best price and experience possible.

    One instructor hour lesson is equal to 3 log book hours

    The first 10 hours of instructor lessons will be recorded as 30 hours in the Learner Driver log book if you are under the age of 25. Drivers over 25 years old do not require a log book.

    To whom we serve

    Sydney, New South Wales

    • Learner drivers
    • University students including international students
    • Work visa holders
    • Migrants with an overseas driving licence who want to obtain a New South Wales drivers licence
    • Migrants with no prior driving experience who want to obtain a New South Wales driver licence
    • Refresher Learners/Drivers who seek to refresh their knowledge and/or haven’t driven in a long time

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