While anyone can supervise you learning to drive provided they hold an appropriate licence, your instructor must have a valid instructor permit. This should be displayed on the cars windscreen. Their Instructors are legit professional.

The Driving Instructors Act requires that driving instructors meet minimum standards relating to competency in driving instruction, probity and character, in order to protect the community and to benefit the driving instruction industry.

If the licence isn’t displayed, then the instructor is not qualified and not accredited by the RMS. A self-trained supervisor isn’t necessarily a bad option, although bear in mind that he or she had limited competences.

Your driving instructors at AutoGear driving School, Epping are professionals at all times. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case with some other instructors. Learner drivers often make mistakes, it’s part of the process. Unlike other instructors, They will remain calm and patient no matter what your mistake. They will always guide you and accommodate your learning process, in a highly practical and logical manner so as to avoid such mistakes.

If your instructor tends to raise their voice due to your mistakes, this will most likely detract you from your learning process as you will be placed in constantly tense. Hence, we ensure you that our instructors at AutoGear driving School, Epping are helpful and patient aimed to gradually build your confidence.

On occasions, people just don’t ‘click’. If you find your instructors teaching techniques difficult to understand, don’t be afraid to question. Ultimately, if your instructor fails to provide a technique that allows you to easily understand the process, find another, such as Autogear and embrace our customised and tailor-made lessons specifically for you through our driving instructors at AutoGear driving School, Epping.