Focus road sign with dramatic blue sky and clouds.

Focus road sign with dramatic blue sky and clouds.

Focus on your task is nowhere more important than with driving. The activity requires concentration and active focus. You can look at the dashboard once in a while to ensure your car is running in proper order (Correct speed ,no heating, fuel tank check, etc.), but at no time must you take your attention away from the act of driving. This is why mobile phone usage is banned in NSW, and the world over, when driving. Our driving instructors in Homebush are quite strict when it comes to road rules and safety. While they will patiently guide you, these driving instructors in Homebush will teach you how to avoid distractions while you’re driving.

Losing focus for even a second could, sadly, be the difference between life and death. This is also why if you are tired you must not drive. That will cause you to fall asleep and that would lead to road accidents.

Even loud music can be a distraction. It is ideal to have soft music, but if you are not a fan or prefer something else, have music playing softly. This should function as a companion for when you are bored or sleepy but will not cause you to lose focus on the act of driving.

Being focused means also that you pay attention to vehicles coming from either side. Make sure you pay attention to your blind spots and have enough space on either side to avoid collisions. Remember to scan the road environment and watch for motorcycles, especially when you approach intersections. Cars have blind spots that can be large enough to obscure your view. Look over your shoulder before you make a move of any kind. Check your mirrors and blind spots often, and give motorcycles room in traffic.

Adjust your mirrors when you get in so that they are optimized. And when taking turns or overtaking vehicles, check your side mirrors. Add to this mindfulness of what may come ahead such as pedestrian crossings with the possibility of pedestrians coming from your blind side. Plan ahead for such situations: if you see a vehicle in front stopped or slowing, adjust your speed and prepare to come to a halt if necessary.

Driving is a pleasurable activity that carries risks if you are not focused when driving, so shut off all distractions and focus on getting from point A to B safely