At Autogear Driving School, we go beyond teaching you just the driving. For example, one area which our instructors are particularly critical about is your posture when you drive. This has been noted by our students at Autogear Driving School in Penrith. The steps are simple and easy to apply hence why our instructor are adamant to teach you the right techniques from the very start. Keep in mind that you’ll potentially be a driver, whether it be on long or short trips for the rest of your life so it is imperative you get your posture correct from the very start.

Here are 5 quick tips that our instructors at Autogear Driving School in Penrith look out for.  

1.  Seat adjustment: This is the very first step. As you get inside your vehicle, adjust your seat’s height. Most modern cars have a second lever which allows you to raise your seat higher or lower depending on your need. It is an absolute must that you do not bend your back and peer at the road as not only is this detrimental for you back but you have the potential to injure yourself whilst driving thus getting into an accident behind the wheel  

2. Comfortable feet length: Again, this is step you need to ensure before starting your engine. As you take a seat inside, ensure your knees are slightly bent and your feet can reach the peddles comfortably, check by stepping on the break to see whether or not the seat needs to be adjusted further back or forward. A tip from our instructors at Auto Gear Driving in Penrith is to not bring the seat too far forward as this would only restrict your ability to switch between the pedals comfortably and with haste.

3. The elbow position: This is another very important check that determines whether you should move your seat forward or backwards. It is rather hard to say where you should exactly adjust your seat to, but ensure that your elbow and arms are neither too far stretched nor too tightly close to the wheel.

4. Head position: This one is very simple, make sure you aren’t holding your head at an awkward ankle and that you can rest your head on the head rest. It is imperative that you refrain from tucking your chin too far down or high as holding this position for a prolonged timed could potentially cause a strain in the nerves on the back of your neck.

5. Pelvic position: One more step we always check at Autogear Driving School is how your lower back is positioned on the seat. It is important you utilise the entire seat especially the lumbar support to align your lower back with the seat. It is crucial you sit in a comfortable and relaxing posture with optimal support to your back, especially the lower back.

These are a few tips that our instructor’s advice you on at Autogear Driving School that goes beyond the simple road rules and skills you need!