A confident and safe driver can make a significant difference on the road. It is these drivers that make the roads safer for themselves and for others.

As a responsible driving school in Eastwood, listed below are 7 habits of confident and safe drivers.

1. Examine the vehicle and surrounding area before driving

Firstly, a safe driver makes sure that the vehicle is well suited for the road and all maintenance issues have been inspected and are in good working condition.

Eastwood’s Autogear Driving School is a strong advocate for  inspecting the cars prior to driving. This ensures learner drives are confident on the road in local suburbs in the safest conditions.

2. Drives to the speed limit

It is imperative that responsible drivers are always mindful of the speed limit. The driver should also possess good control over their vehicle. This further reduces the chances of accidents/mishaps happening on the road. Especially when driving around Eastwood, it is crucial to know your speeds, this is taken into account when driving along varying roads, such as the dichotomy of a multi-lane road to residential areas.

3. Eliminate Distractions

The mind of a cautious driver must always be firmly focused on the road. Using mobile devices to call, read or text while driving is strictly prohibited.

Eating, applying makeup or the distractions of other drivers/passengers should also be avoided to prevent any chance of an accident.

4. A well-maintained vehicle

The vehicle of a responsible driver is always well maintained.

5. Maintain a safe distance

Maintaining a safe distance around you is paramount to avoiding emergencies and dangerous situations. At Autogear Driving School we will teach you easy-to-remember methods when it comes to maintaining a safe distance between your vehicle and others’.

6. Avoids intoxicants and liquor

Driving is not possible when you feel drowsy. A safe driver ideally will not touch alcohol before their drive.

7. Use extra caution when driving under bad weather

Reduce your speed. Allow more distance between the cars, and make sure you drive according to how and when you feel most comfortable. These are few of Autogear’s invaluable tips when driving in bad weather