driving_instructor_keysTaking driving lessons off a friend or family member can often result in acquiring bad driving habits and it is unlikely they will know all the correct procedures that a professional and qualified driving instructor at Autogear Driving School, Dee Why  will know. For example, observation, gap size selection, follows distance, and the timing of signals.

It is a good idea to start learning to drive with a driving instructor at Autogear Driving School Dee Why  and when you have a good understanding of the correct procedures, incorporating private tuition can aid in your experience.

Drivers qualified from another country wishing to pass the NSW driving test often ask, “Do I need driving lessons”?

The answer is often “yes”, although not usually many.

In this situation, it’s often a case of eradicating inconsistent practises gained over the years in driving overseas that aren’t suitable for acquiring an Australian driving license. If you are asking the question “do I need driving lessons”? Then the answer is likely “yes”, if you are not entirely confident in areas such as:

  • Correct use of all mirrors, to include appropriate mirrors at certain times
  • Excellent observations, including in general driving, driving test manoeuvres, changing lanes and moving off the blind spot

The above are typical areas that experienced drivers fail in, during their driving test due to acquiring bad habits over the years. The instructors at Autogear Diving School Dee Why  are proficient in identifying and teaching you through such habits!

The RMS examiners do track these details very closely and people taking the test can fail if they do not perform the tasks they’re asked to correctly, in accordance with approved techniques. So, don’t take chances. Make sure that you’ve learned to do things in the right way as not only will this help you in the test, but also with the rest of your driving life.