img_how_many_driving_lessons_do_you_need_before_a_test_2376_origThere are many factors that need to be taken into account on how many driving lessons it will take you to reach test standard. Learning to drive is expensive so picking the right driving instructor and school is important. We at Autogear Driving School Homebush offer an initial assessment lesson at a discounted price. This is to give the instructor an overall indication of your ability to drive. The instructor will then provide you with the amount of hours you will need to reach test standard.

Experienced drivers from other countries who are seeking an Australian license usually require far fewer lessons than beginners. It may only take two to five lessons for them to learn what they need to know. However, experienced drivers have deeply held habits that may not match the driving style that’s required to pass the Australian driving test. Although they may be safe and competent drivers, the process of unlearning their existing driving style and adopting a new one can be very difficult.

The excellent driving instructors, at Autogear Driving School in Homebush can make a difference on how much you pay and how many lessons it takes for you to acquire the required skills to pass the test.

For Beginners, the time it takes to get up to speed vary considerably. Some learn in as few as 10 or 15 lessons, but few require more than15  of professional driving tuition. To reach test standard, qualified instructs are officially required in NSW if you are below 25 years of age.

The most important thing to remember is that the time it takes you to prepare for the practical driving test does not in any way reflect on the ultimate quality of your driving. It’s usually the over confident new drivers who find themselves in trouble.

You will find our qualified instructors, at Autogear Driving School Homebush will take you through the journey and will help you in passing the test. During the structured lessons, you will gain an understanding of road signs, road markings, hazard perception and various meanings of hazards that the instructor will help you to understand.