We’ve all heard that regularly maintaining your car is important to keep running your car efficiently and the safely. But really how and why?

In this post, we decided to answer these questions to show you why it should be your top priority.

Taking a good care of your car regularly is extremely important in order to keep your car running smoothly. It helps you discover minor damages and reduces the risk of serious problems occurring later on. Routine maintenance also prevents sudden unexpected breakdown happenings. It aids in improving the driving quality of the car.

Also, a well-maintained car can also demand a much higher value in the resale market.

Consistently lower levels of harmful fumes are produced by these cars. Thus, they contribute to a cleaner environment. Well maintained cars are dependable at all times and they perform better and last longer. 

Performing safety checks such as checking tire pressure, lights, fluids, oil changes and brakes may cost but saves you from risks in the future. It also prevents you from having to spend thumping sums of money for major repairs. For example; regular oil changes prevent the formation of sludge and grime and prevent possible engine related troubles. It keeps the car running smooth.

A constant inspection of the transmission fluid of the car will help your cars to shift smoothly. Inspection of brakes is also essential in order to prevent brake failures and expensive repairs. Top revent corrosion forming, the cooling system has to be flushed and coolant should be changed annually.

Another essential thing is to rotate tires as it prevents tire treads wearing irregularly and makes tires last longer. Maintaining good tire pressure will also keep you safe.

Regular fluid checks are the main aspect of car maintenance and it helps to clue us in to slow leaks. Constant testing of brake lights, headlights and signal lights are also important in order to prevent accidents.

We are a driving school in Epping who care for our clients more than just helping them getting their driving license which is why we always encourage our clients to take great care of their cars!