Spotting a hazard in time is a fundamental component of safe driving and is an essential skill you must build on as a learner driver. At Autogear Driving School, our instructors will work you in such a way to help you identify and respond to hazards in a safe and practical manner.  Macquarie Park is one of the key servicing areas for Autogear Driving School. Our instructors will ensure you carefully identify risks and navigate around them from the very get-go, especially as you venture out from the quieter routes such as Kent and Abuklea roads onto the busy Lane Cove and Epping road.

What is a Hazard?

Is a question we often get asked.

A Hazard can be any danger on the road or nearby that could lead to an accident. Hazards include children playing around, a parked car with passengers getting out, a vehicle suddenly merging in, and even dangerous road conditions due to changes in the weather to name a few.  As you progress into a more confident and competent driver, your skills of identifying hazards must be excel too. This is where your instructors from Autogear Driving School, Macquarie Park come in, having equipped you firstly with the skills to quickly identify hazards and thereafter respond to them in a way that reduces your risk of exposure to this danger.

Responding to Hazards

Another question we get asked is; How does one get better at responding to hazards?

Our answer: With sufficient experience.

Becoming a strong and confident driver comes with experience. To gain experience, all learners must put in the hours. However, it is essential that these hours are cautiously correct to only allow learners to pick up on good driving habits. This is where your cool, calm and collected instructors from Autogear Driving School help. Our staff from the get-go will seek to instill safe and defensive driving practices. When it comes to the identification of hazards our bespoke lesson plans will ensure learner drivers are appropriately skilled before being exposed to your everyday hazards. Our instructor’s will ensure you are relaxed, confident in your own skills, and eventually able to navigate through obstacles and hazards by applying your own judgment in total independence.

For any further queries regarding how to best respond to hazard or any of our blog/related articles, please contact Autogear Driving School in Macquarie Park.