dangerWhen you come for driving lessons in Auburn, one of the things we teach you is driving through hazardous conditions, Drivers need to adjust their behavior in bad weather. To avoid the increased risk of crashes in wet weather, drive to the conditions and slow down. For safe braking, allow extra distance to the vehicle in front. Our driving lessons in Auburn will take you through driving in such conditions.

Most importantly, when driving, do not speed up. Drive at a steady, manageable pace. Whether you are driving in storm, flood or snow, this will give you time to react. If in storm and/or flood, keep an eye on the level of the water. You don’t want it engulfing you and getting into the system! Also, keep towards the middle of the road. Also, pay attention to the environment: trees may become uprooted and either flow towards you or fall on vehicles or on to the road.  Being alert will help you avoid any catastrophes. Also, if you can, get out of the flood, wait it out. If you can stop your journey at a safe place, do so and wait till the roads clear out a bit.

On the other hand, if you are driving in snow conditions in some other part of the country or the world, remember to check your tyres, battery, brakes, cooling system, engine and windscreen before you leave. Also, check whether the roads you will be traveling on are accessible and open. Always keep to the media updates on weather and traffic conditions. Plan ahead for alternate routes, and keep extra time to get to where you are going. Having a navigator of your location and destination is also a good practice. Driving lessons at Autogear in Auburn will help you prepare for such conditions.