In recent years, road rage has contributed to an increasing number of fatal car crashes. Being active in the industry, we at Autogear Driving School cannot stress enough on the importance of concentrating when behind the wheel, maintaining your cool, calm and collected composure at all times.  

We understand that driving can sometimes really rile you up but reacting negatively to any emotions could potentially cause you to lose control. Keep in mind, it only takes a split second to make a mistake, and when traveling at 50kmps, this incident could become irreversible. 

This article will specifically look at “road rage” an unintended but very serious issue affecting some drivers. 

Road Rage is a sudden burst of anger provoked by anything on the road. This could be due to another person’s driving, something you saw on the road or your general sense of mind at the time. Some forms of road rage which you can identify yourself include: 

  • Tailgating
  • Yelling
  • Honking in anger
  • Making angry gestures
  • Purposefully, cutting off another vehicle 
  • Intended to get out / getting out of the vehicle to confront another driver
  • Damaging property

Whilst these might seem like farfetched actions to the majority of drivers out there, it is important to recognize that road rage is prevalent in Australia’s roads. Thus for the majority that can compose themselves, here are some instructions if you do come across a driver with road rage. As a first, always, always avoid confrontation.  

  • Stay away- the best way to avoid an aggressive driver is to keep your distance from the person. You can change the lanes or let them pass you or simply pull over to let them pass through. This is the safest option
  • Never react- Whether it’s yelling, inappropriate hand gestures or tailgating. Do not respond to the driver. Try to avoid eye contact if possible and be tolerable of the situation. 
  • Don’t stop to confront– Although it can be tempting to stop and confront, even sometimes ‘toot’ at the driver, our advice is to never do that as it could potentially escalate the further confrontation. 
  • Be cool and calm and collected – Make sure you are calm and composed before you start driving. This helps you ignore the annoying behaviors of aggressive drivers.
  • Call for Help: Lastly, if you feel threatened or unsafe on-road and believe a driver is acting in a careless and potentially dangerous manner, pull over and call triple 0.