Are you a concerned parent who is still unsure whether your teenager is ready to drive solo or not? (*assuming they pass their driving test) well, here are 4 tips that you can use to get your teenager to be fully prepared behind the wheel given your absence to always guide it.

  • Teach them what is safe driving 

Although they might have taken lessons in the past, whether it is from you or their instructor we at Autogear Driving School in Penrith believe it’s imperative to reiterate safe driving practices. It’s important that you make sure that your child understands all the road rules and recognizes the importance of following them. One way our driving instructors in Penrith specialize on this is by encouraging the learner to ask questions whenever in doubt.  

  • Lay some ground rules

Establish some clear ground rules. This is an essential component that you as the authoritative figure must ascertain from the very start of your teenagers’ driving experience. For example, one effective rule you should insist on is to ensure your son/daughter hands you their phone before they commence driving with you. This is a habit you should encourage your teenager to form from the very first day as it may lead to them understanding how deadly a distracted driver is on the road. Also keep an eye at your child’s attention window, ensuring they understand to limit the distraction around them. This includes listening to music on full blast and selecting soundtracks on the touch display screens of most modern cars as these appliances too are distractions when behind the wheel

  • Let them drive when you are going out together

Letting your son/daughter drive consistently on casual trips will allow you to incrementally grow their driving skills. However, one major point of concern is not to force your child to drive all the time. Firstly, ask them if they feel confident about driving a specific route? And only then make a decision as to whether or not you would let them take control of the wheel. Never force your child to drive on roads they do not feel comfortable with. Confidence amongst drivers is grown organically, and should never be forced upon your son/daughter.  

  • Teach them important of safety whilst always staying calm

Given time, try to slowly build a conversation with the driver. Having a small conversation not only allows your child to better articulate and develop their concentration skills but also allows them to build their confidence as a driver. It is important that your son/daughter is brought up with the correct style of driving, where you encourage and help them develop their driving skills at their own pace, correcting them when needed to. Keep in mind that at the end of the day you want to encourage your teenager to make their own sensible decision based off the road rules, traffic conditions and other important factors as one day you won’t be beside them to tell them exactly what to do.