Are you anxious about driving in the Homebush area? Or nervous about parking in one of its many busy streets? How about doing lane changes on the M4? Or even just travelling into and out of the great Sydney Olympic Park?

Well not to worry at all, Autogear Driving School in Homebush will have you covered.

Our qualified, professional and patient RMS accredited instructors will guide you along any route, helping you overcome your fears and anxieties. By customizing our lesson plans to suit your experience, we not only ensure your safety but further help you establish you’re confidence over time. This we achieve by firstly placing you strategically on roads that we believe are not overly challenging nor underwhelming. In this manner, Autogear Driving School in Homebush can properly assess your current skill level. Close knitted roads surrounding Homebush Station are ideal for this type of assessing, this includes Shortland Avenue and Hyde Brae Street off Dickson Street.

Through the undertaking of such well planned and closely monitored driving lessons, all instructors at Autogear Driving School will be able to professionally pinpoint the areas where you may need further ‘brush-ups’ upon. This will undoubtedly help you realize where you currently sit and whether or not you may require more lessons or less than expected.