Autogear Driving School in Auburn is one of our fastest growing driving schools in New South Wales. Auburn is surrounded by busy streets, narrow parking spaces and highways & freeways. Due to this reason, it is imperative that our instructors in Auburn conduct a skill assessment on your first lesson.

The purpose of an initial skill assessment is to ensure that our students, regardless of their past driving experience have an extensive understanding of road safety. At Autogear Driving School, safety is held with the utmost importance. Especially around the Auburn region, with roads such as Station road and

Park Street running double lines at certain intersections to further heighten the level of difficulty in Auburn.

Autogear Driving School in Auburn will however not only focus its core lesson structure and route preparations in Auburn but will also conduct its lessons in the Silverwater region. The purpose of this change is to give our students the best chance of passing their exam (if conducting in the Silverwater RTA) by taking them on routes that are more likely to be tested. Driving in the Silverwater area can be somewhat challenging however, this is due to the constantly changing speed limits and the many ‘STOP’ signs.

Regardless of all these challenges, Autogear Driving School in Auburn will tailor make its lesson plans for you and not only make sure you are ready for your driving test but also ensure that you become a confident, safe and defensive driver regardless of where you drive.