If you’ve driven through Olympic Drive, then you’ve probably passed through Lidcombe. Lidcombe is a fairly easy to drive town, with the occasional complexed junctions and winding roads. Due to this reason, it is quite crucial novice drivers and even the refresher learners tackle roads that are less crowded, hence avoiding spots such as Railway Street and Olympic Drive.

Autogear Driving School in Lidcombe is centered around a safety first approach with an extremely customizable driving structure. Our experienced instructors in Lidcombe will firstly test your skills. This will be conducted on your very first driving lesson at a rather vacant location to identify the current skills and confidence you possess. From here onwards, our instructors at Autogear Driving School in Lidcombe will be able to provide you with a practical and honest view regarding your performance and the number of lessons you should consider taking. Throughout your learning period, our instructors will place you on roads that gradually increase in difficulty and eventually onto the busy Silverwater routes, close to the testing areas and Silverwater RTA, if that is your intended location to attempt the Driving Test.

Our instructors at Autogear Driving School in Lidcombe take professionalism to the utmost importance. We teach in a friendly but also direct manner so as to avoid confusion on the road and to further prepare you for the reality of driving next to an assessor on your Driving test.