Autogear Driving School has a more comprehensive and overall, a more challenging course towards driving unlike many other schools. Specific objectives have been outlined at AutoGear where all instructors provide services in an environment well suited for a learner. Being a ‘good’ driving instructor not only involved educating the learner driver but also must remain calm and attentive to the learner answering all their questions and helping overcome these adversities as gradually gain more experience and overcome these challenges.

Our instructors are guaranteed to provide you guidance & support until you are complete safe maneuvering the vehicle by yourself whilst observing all the street rules and hazards around. It is crucial that learner instructors to learn “safe” driving skills. You may already possess a brief understanding about the various factors which may affect your driving ability, vision and other related matters however Autogear’s driving instructors in Marsfield will again inform you of these detrimental factors and teach you the skills you need to successfully evade them.

At Autogear Driving School, our instructor’s takes into account each individuals abilities and from their onwards, alter each lesson depending on the personal needs of the trainee. This quality training will in turn help teach safe and accident free driving skills.