Carlingford, NSW is an area in Sydney’s North-West and is one of Autogear Driving School’s most popular instructing grounds. Carlingford’s plethora of streets provide it the perfect destination for many students regardless of their capabilities.

Autogear Driving School conducts its tailor made lessons in a safe and intuitive manner. This means if novice drivers are behind the wheel, we may start you off from the quiet streets, during quiet times of the day. These roads generally tend to be quiet from midday onwards excluding peak hour. Similarly, these roads are also wide at certain areas and would offer beginners a suitable location to work on developing their skills. Just as Carlingford, NSW suits beginner drivers, the suburbs busy streets such as Pennant hills road and the Cumberland highway offer more prepared drivers the ability to fully utilise their driving skills, knowledge and expertise.

These roads offer challenging conditions due to their changing speed limits, bustling atmosphere and multi lane roads. Do not worry though, we will only challenge you to meet these driving conditions if we critically believe you are ready and also if you yourself seem confident enough to do so.