Driving in the Castle Hills suburb of Sydney, NSW can be challenging at times. Its frequently busy roads include the Showground road, County Drive and the Old Northern road. At Autogear Driving School our instructors will firstly assess your driving ability before accompanying you on these busy roads. Castle Hill also contains a wide array of differing roads, especially multilane roundabouts and narrow residential roads. These can be found along Purchase Road, hence it’s very important to have your fundamental driving skills ‘down packed’ before attempting such streets. Do not worry however! at Autogear Driving Schools in Castle Hills, we start from the very beginning and prioritise your safety at all times. Thus, if you are novice driver with only few logged hours, do not be hesitant to contact us as we will only take you on roads that fit your driving skills and level of confidence.

P.S. we take your safety very seriously, seen by fitting all our cars with dual control braking systems.