Autogear Driving School, a pioneer in its industry with handpicked instructors, selected through a vigorous process from our head instructor and mentor is now proud to continue offering its services to the manly region. This not only means more convenience for you as a student but further ensures that our driving instructors are comfortable with the areas, aware of the ‘hidden-hard’ spots and furthermore are able to tailor our lesson plan to fit each individuals need.

As a driving school in the manly region, our tailored lesson plan ensures you commence your driver training within your comfortable skill level. This means that our RTA accredited instructors will be happy to teach you the fundamentals if you’re a novice driver. Similarly, if you are more experienced, our instructors will assess you utilising our initial skills assessment criteria and from there will inform you of where we recommend you to commence you’re training. This could either be along the scenic N Steyne Drive or even along one of Manly’s many inclined roads.

Following this process, Autogear Driving School in Manly will also inform you of the recommended routes we intend to take you on. Through this structured lesson plan, we prioritise your safety, help you to develop your skill levels at your own pace and moreover help transform you into a safe, confident and knowledgeable driver.

To inquire about our packages or even about our skill assessments please contact us either through our email or direct line.