French’s Forest offers a vast terrain of roads ranging from busy highways to quiet winding streets. Due to this reason, Autogear driving school recognizes French’s Forest as a location for all drivers to practice on.

Our well experienced RTM qualified driving instructors will ensure they take you on all different types of routes to not only offer you challenging experiences but to also make sure you are well prepared before you’re exam. This safety first approach taken by Autogear Driving School in Frenchs Forest is ensured through our customized lesson plans. Our instructors will firstly assess the learner to understand his or her present level of skill. From here onward we will decide what type of ‘package’ is required to be taken by the learner, which streets are the best for him/her to start with and also the order in which our lessons should be delivered. In this way we are able to maintain the utmost safety whether it be a first-time driver or a refresher.