Driving in the Dee Why region may present a challenge for some. Its sloping roads, narrow streets and sharp turns are some reasons why it is imperative that you take extra care while driving in this region. Autogear Driving School in Dee Why ensures you’re in the safest routes and vehicles. All our cars fitted with dual control breaking pads, behind well experienced driving instructors makes sure not only that you’re safety is maintain to the utmost but also that you confidently and skillfully learn the art of becoming a safe driver.

Our lesson’s structured in a practical manner offers the utmost flexibility. This means that once the instructor has assessed your initial skill level, we will then personally alter our lessons plan to suit the skills you require. For learner drivers this could mean starting from the very fundamentals of vehicle maneuvering whereas for more experienced driver, it may just include a few ‘touch ups’. Whatever you’re need, skill level and experience, Autogear Driving School in Dee Why will certainly help you become a safe and confident driver.