Autogear Driving School’s success throughout Sydney has not only been due to its exemplary driving techniques and teaching methods but also due to its knowledge of local roads and the especially tough areas we make you train in.

We follow a similar teaching structure in Cherrybrook, Sydney, NSW. As drivers in the Cherrybrook region, you may encounter many different types of roads, these includes long narrow stretches, wide suburban lanes and also busy highway like stretches. Regardless of the difficulty, At Autogear Driving School we start from the very beginning if need be. This means using wide vacant streets such as Blackwattle Place to commence. Then as you grow confident and more able as a driver, we may tactically encourage you to drive on busier roads such as Castle Hill road. Eventually, you should see yourself driving on roads outside of the Cherrybrook suburb, such as the busy Pennant Hills road which at Autogear Driving School Cherrybrook is one of our key testing routes.